Bill Baker


Hometown: The Piiiiiiiiiiiines


Food: Cheesesteak (The real Philly Kind)
Date night: A night get away with dinner on the water or at a nice Seafood place with my wife
Ice Cream: Sugar Cookie & Red Velvet both from Island Creamery
Decade: 90s
TV Show: Sopranos/The Wire/Power/Breaking Bad
Movie: Rocky & Creed Movies AND Anything with James Gandolfini, Al Pacino or Robert Dinero
Football team: Washington
Baseball: Phillies
NBA: 76ers but I follow players more than teams in the NBA
Holiday: Christmas

What do you do when you aren’t at work: Spend time with my beautiful wife & 4 kids, I have my own podcast “Bill Baker LIVE!”, go to the gym, catch up on shows & movies

Most would be surprised that: One of my favorite songs of all time is Journey-Don’t Stop Believing

Favorite thing about doing the morning show with Jessica: We have the creativity and freedom to do “Our Show” Its always been “Our Show”. If it wasn’t or it wasn’t fun anymore…I wouldn’t be doing it. And we always have each others backs. Never switch up.

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