Dj Megablaster


Sandy Munoz a.k.a. Dj MegaBlaster officially began his DJ career in 1987 (not including those informal beginning years). After winning many Dj Battles in his original town, Mega has come a long way from his days as a radio mix show DJ. His style is unique, using 3 or 4 turntables, he would continuously mix, scratch and match various tracks with acappella’s thus creating live remixes, his skills as a Turntablist places him in a class all by itself.

Specializing in Production & DJing for over 18 years, Megablaster is an active member in the electronic scene of Ecuador. Opening for various acts such as: Benny Benassi, Dubfire, Edward Maya, Robbie Rivera, George Acosta, Mr. C, Ivano Bellini, Renato Cohen, just to name a few. Founder of the first electronic music mixshow Hot 106 Radio Fuego’s Hot Beat, and pioneer using dj interfases in Ecuador like (Final Scratch 1 & 2).

Dj Megablaster is a dj who’s not afraid to mix it all, he has always maintained his versatility and flexibility as a DJ, Remixer and Producer. His musical skills have been exhibited in events all across the country.

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