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Rick Astley revisits his career-making song with ‘gratitude’

NEW YORK (AP) — How does Rick Astley handle one of his songs being part of the biggest internet meme of all time? He rolls with it, obviously. He says he's "ever so grateful for it." "Never Gonna Give You Up" turns 35 this year and is still very much alive, buoyed by a second chapter as a gentle joke wherein someone baits you with an enticing online link, which […]

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Rick Astley celebrates his 1987 debut album with reissue

NEW YORK (AP) — Most pop stars take some time before they hit the big time, putting out a few albums before one sticks. With Rick Astley, it took just his first song. The album would be 1987's multi-platinum debut "Whenever You Need Somebody," with, of course, that single "Never Gonna Give You Up" that went from radio earworm to internet prank sensation. It's been 35 years since Astley's debut […]

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